Governance Information

Governance responsibilities are held between Aurora Academies Trust and the Local Academy Board.

The Local Academy Board (LAB) works in a similar way to a governing body and performs many of the same functions. The real difference is that the financial and legal responsibility is held by Aurora Academies Trust Board. This allows the LAB members to be focused on the learning and progress of pupils and not be burdened by the additional responsibility. The LAB play an important role in supporting and challenging Glenleigh Park and we are very grateful for the time they give to the school on a voluntary basis. Since March 2018 King Offa Academy and Glenleigh Park Academy have been operating a joint LAB. This decision was taken to maximise the use of LAB members skills across both schools. The close proximity (less than one mile) means that the LAB can operate effectively and strategically in it’s work. The LAB reports to the Regional Standards Council which in turn feeds into the Trust.

LAB Members 

Ruth Russell: I am 28 years old and live in Bexhill with my husband Nathan, daughter Florence, dog Jess and guinea pigs Peppa and George!  I have worked at this school for 7 years completing my NQT year at the old Sidley School site.I love working with children, and working at Glenleigh Park. I am a team player and love working alongside the fantastic staff we have here.Apart from my job I also love: my family, food, period dramas and baking cakes with my daughter.


Jon Hodson, Chair of LAB: I joined Glenleigh Park LAB in 2014 and believe that the role of the LAB is to be a critical friend to the school, to hold the school accountable, to question, and support where needed.The LAB’s goal is to make sure the children have a great school to give them an outstanding education so they get the best start in life.

My role as LAB Chair role comprises of:

• Regular meetings with HOS to keep up to date on school matters,
• Regular learning visiting of the school,
• Regular reviews with the curriculum leads,
• Quarterly LAB meetings (reviewing SEND, Health and Safety, Quality of teaching, Pupil Progress)
• Listening to the views of parents, teachers and pupils to make sure the school is in touch with their needs,
• All LAB chairs also sit on the trust board, so I make sure the views of the school are heard at a trust level.

Here’s our Governance information:

AAT Org Chart December 2017

AAT governance information Glenleigh Park and King Offa

King Offa and Glenleigh Park joint LAB terms of reference